Tradition Hilton Head: "Blue Marble"
    Convergence/Core Communities: I made one offhand statement and it became the headline for every media channel in the campaign! Tradition Hilton Head celebrates their selection as the host community for the very first HGTV Green Home.

    Dreams Come True:
    Convergence/Walt Disney World Travel Industry Marketing:  We all know how wildly imaginative a child's dreams can be, full of amazing and disjointed moments and incoherent images that couldn't possibly mean anything....could they?  The brief “donut hole” near the end allowed each travel agency to personalize the spot.

  • Convergence/Core Communities: Testimonials. They're broadcast's version of back-fence gossip. It's one of the oldest techniques in advertising...and still effective. If you know how to interview people and get to their convictions, you can come away with statements that are better than anything you could write.

    Value 1

    Value 2


  • Solid Waste PSA:
    Convergence/National Solid Waste Management Association: Solid waste industry workers are in one of the most dangerous occupations. This PSA from their national trade association, which I directed, calls attention to just one of the reasons.


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