Corporate Video

  • TransContinental Records:
    Convergence/TransContinental Records: Before he got himself into serious trouble (and a 25-year prison sentence) Lou Pearlman was quite the story in the pop music business.  Back in 2000, one of his PR reps was with him long enough to request that we write and produce from existing assets an overview video that Lou could use in meetings with potential investors.  A graphics package helped take the curse off VHS off-airs.

    Guide to Cruising:
    Convergence/Cruise Line International Association: “The New Guide to Cruising” was a 30-minute TV show for broadcast and cable (pre-Video on Demand) to promote the joys and affordability of a cruise vacation.  This condenses the show into 4 clips.

    Collaborative Leadership:
    Convergence/Chernoff Newman:  The agency’s client, the South Carolina Dept. of Health, had joined similar departments in other states under a grant from a private foundation to develop collaborative leadership training programs.  Six episodes were written by the agency.  My role was essentially “Creative Producer” to help the Director visualize the stories and block the action.

    Grand Good Morning:
    Grand International Dinner:
    Convergence/Walt Disney World Travel Industry Marketing: In response to a growing trend in multi-generational travel, Disney developed Magical Gatherings and, as the top tier, Grand Gatherings.  WDW TIM wanted to provide travel agents with short videos that would showcase the elements of each of the four Grand Gathering experiences that families could enjoy.  Here are two of them.  I served as “Creative Producer,” at the Director’s elbow to help envision the shots.


    onvergence/Amway: These two videos were created when one of the Florida Amway organizations decided that not every distributor was a born salesperson.  The goal was to have the distributors focus on building relationships and let the videos sell key Amway products (not the business plan).

    Collateral Hunter
    Convergence/Walt Disney World Travel Industry Marketing: Yes, there are companies that will produce creative videos for internal use.  The tragic death of Steve Irwin since I wrote and directed it makes this one little uncomfortable now but, at the time, WDW TIM wanted a clever way to educate their team, the company’s internal ad agency and even its senior execs to the importance of collateral developed for the travel trade.

    Educational Institute:
    Convergence/Educational Institute:  Part of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, “EI” provides the hospitality industry with employee training in such subjects as safety, guest relations, and service quality.  I’ve directed about 6 videos for EI over the past 10 years.  This clip comes from one in which the narrator turns out to be the emotionally troubled employee.

    Convergence/Aquatrend:  Olympic skating champion Nancy Kerrigan gave her personal support to marketing the same swimming pool exercise device she had used to rehabilitate her knee (injured in the infamous attack by a rival's ex-husband) in time for the 1994 Winter Olympics.

  • Edgewood:
    Convergence/Edgewood Children's Ranch: This bit of pro bono work was a joy.  It was shown at the Ranch’s annual charity dinner and auction.  I went to the ranch with only the barest idea for opening and closing statements.  After spending a day interviewing the kids, I reviewed the footage repeatedly and found my story thread.

    Sustainablity Video:
    Convergence/Kimball Office: For their display at the NeoCon trade fair, the client wanted a special video to stress their efforts in sustainability and the increased use of materials that create healthier office environments.


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